Hot Older Male video – Derik Strong and Evan Mansfield

Derik Strong loves meeting hot studs and in this hot older male video he’s been searching for new cute guys just like the guys from to fuck online. It seems to be a habit for him lately, and while his wife is at work he keeps staring at hot studs he finds online and chats with him. One day when his wife leave to work he decides to call up the guy he’s been chatting with  a day before. Evan Mansfield seemed so nice on the phone, and excited about meeting Derik, so they planned to meet up in the weekend at a motel.

Evan couldn’t wait to finally meet Evan and get his cock in his mouth and up in his asshole. The weekend finally came and Derik told his wife that he is going to meet with some friends and have some drinks. She never cares about what he does and where he goes anyway. When he arrives at the motel, Evan is already there waiting for him in the room. When Evan takes out his monstrous cock, Derik gets straight to business and takes that huge cock in his mouth. After Evan shoves his cock in Derik’s ass, he gives him a fuck to remember. Have fun watching this exciting video scene!

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Hot Older Male videos – Blade Hunter and Jim Scott

Do you enjoy our hot older male videos? Good because we are back with another amazing hardcore scene, this time we have two still hot daddies banging each other hard. Blade Hunter is a hot tatted daddy who likes dating older guys, and he meets this other hot daddy, Jim Scott at a gay bar. They liked each other at first sight and they planned to meet up for a hardcore fuck.

Both of them are married, but they actively meet other guys in all kind of places. Blade even checks up on old daddies online, and he met lots of guys on the internet. With most of the he meet up and fucked. In this hot older male porn scene Blade invites Jim to his country house, away of his family. They planned a whole weekend together, so they have plenty of time to bang each other’s ass! Blade can’t wait to slide his hard cock in Jim’s hairy ass and fuck him hard. Have fun watching them guys, because these horny daddies are up for a hardcore sweaty fuck all day long in all kind of positions. If you liked this video check out website and take a look at other great gay sex videos!

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Michael Burkk and Stewart Scot

Welcome back for more hot older male porn, in this update we have two hot daddies fucking each other senseless. Stewart Scot was walking in the park on this fine day when he meets Michael Burkk. They been knowing each other but they never been together before. Stewart starts wondering how come he never got together with Michael so far. Oh yeah, Michael was being in a quite solid relation with a hot stud.

Steward feels that he is going to have quite a nice afternoons now that Michael told him that his hot stud left him for a rich guy, and he feels so lonely lately. Steward invites him for a coffee and they head to him house. As you can see, Steward gave to hot daddy Michael more then just a coffee, he sucked his big cock and fuck his ass really hard over and over again. Make sure to take a good look at this hotoldermale gallery and see these horny daddies in hardcore gay action. If you like what you see, better come back for more because we are always waiting you with fresh updates! Check out website and enjoy watching other great gay sex videos.


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HotOlderMale – Luciano and Cameron

In the next hotoldermale scene you have this hot couple having hardcore morning sex so we hope that you are going to enjoy watching an older daddy banging his sweet hot stud. Cameron as usually, wakes up early in the morning and he likes checking up guys on the internet while de drinks his coffee. He sees this really cute guy who left him a hot message, and this makes him grow hard in his pants. Even though these stunning males are in an open relationship, Cameron cares a lot about his hairy daddy.


He starts jerking off his cock thinking about this guy he met online, but in the same time he keeps thinking how good and hard can Luciano bang his ass, so he goes to the bedroom to see if he is awake. Luciano is still sleeping but Cameron goes down on him and takes his cock in his mouth and gives him an amazing morning blowjob. Luciano wakes up rock hard with his cock in his sexy partner’s mouth and he loves having morning sex so much. When Camerun makes him blow his load and swallows every drop of cum, Luciano repays him by sliding his hard cock in Cameron’s ass and fucking him really hard! Enjoy these hot older male pics guys, and come back soon!

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Hot Older Male – Reed Mathews and Tony Vega

Have you seen our previous hot older male videos? You are going to love watching these hot guys in action in today’s update. Reed Mathews in a really good looking daddy and he likes fresh new studs. Tony Vega is just the right guy for him, and Reed couldn’t wait to meet him and bang his tight ass. Tony been with lots of guys so far, most of them were much older then him, and he loves getting fucked by hot daddies.


In this hardcore scene however, things will take a different turn, because they guys are supposed to film a scene together and fuck for the cam. An the cam guy has his own little fantasy, he would like them to swap places. So Reed is going to be the bottom and Tony the top. It’s been so long since Reed had a big cock up in his ass but tony loves his new position and he makes sure to give Tony a hardcore anal pounding. I hope you like what you see guys, because we have lots of more great videos for you so better stay here

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Tex Madux and Tiger Thompson

It’s a hot summer day and daddy tiger had a day off. He heads out in the yard to chill out in the pool. In these hot older male pics you are about to watch him fooling around with his hot neighbor after  they have some drinks together. As he chills in the pool Tex passes by his house and asks him what is he doing at home. Tiger tells him that he is not working today and invites him to have a beer together. Tex is married, and Tiger has no idea that Tex is going out with other hot males, but he is going to find out pretty soon.


Better check out this hot older male video gallery and see how these two get to know each other really well just like in stag homme videos. After Tiger comes back to the pool with two cold beers, they start talking about where are they going to spend their vacation, turns out that both of the like exotic places and white sand beaches. Because the weather is really hot, they get in the water. When Tex takes off his shorts Tiger can’t stop looking at his cock, and Tex sees Tiger getting hard. Tex knows that Tiger is a convinced gay, so ha makes the first move and starts stroking Tiger’s hard cock. They end up in the bedroom, where Tiger sucks Tex’s big cock before he gets his ass hammered really hard. Have fun and come back soon!

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Hot Older Male – Jake Shores and Cameron Kincade

It was a nice warm summer morning and Cameron went out to swim like he always does. Next in this amazing hot older male scene he decides to visit his hot neighbor, Jake Shores who lives across the street. Cameron hopes that his hot daddy is awake so they can have a coffee together and why not, some morning sex, because Cameron loves fucking his old daddy.

Jake is already waiting him in the kitchen with the coffee made, but Cameron plans to take off Jake’s pants and give him a morning blowjob. Jake doesn’t complains at all, he loves getting his big cock sucked by his hot muscled friend, and after Cameron sucks him off they go to the bedroom where Jake repays him by getting on his all fours ready to take Cameron’s big cock up in his asshole. Cameron is so horny by now, after he shoves his hard cock in daddy Jake’s ass he starts fucking him really hard making his horny daddy groan and moan. Cameron is almost ready to blow his load when Jake gets on his knees to swallow his creamy cum. If you like this update, make sure to check out all these hotoldermale pics and come back for more fun and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update check out website and find similar videos and galleries!


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HotOlderMale – Sundance Radcliffe & Brent Cage

In the next hardcore hotoldermale scene, Brent wakes up early in the morning because he is going to have a long busy day. He planned to go to his summer house and fix the fence and take care of the garden. It is still early when he gets there and he brings out his tools and starts working. After a few hours he feels really tired and stops to rest. Sundance is passing by and spots him. He also owns a summer house not far from there and he stops to change few words with Brent.

Brent invites him inside and brings two beers, then Sundance asks him if he needs some help with that fence. Brent is appreciating all the help he can get and they start to work together. Both older men are tired and they need a break, so Brent goes to bring more beers. Sundance takes off his shirt because is getting really hot outside, and Brent checks up his hot body when he gets back with the beers. He gets a hard on and seeing this, Sundance gets hard in his pants. You ca imagine what is about to happen in this hot older male scene, Brent is going to suck that big daddy cock and Sundance is going to fuck Brent’s tight asshole until his cum is dripping out of his ass.


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Jordan Garrison and Antman

Jordan is looking for a new job after he got fired. Antman owns a business and after hearing that his hot neighbor is looking for work he calls him up offering him a job in his company. Jordan can’t wait to go to Antman’s office the next morning. In the evening Antman calls him again asking him to meet up and discuss the details. Jordan gets to Antman’s house and when he gets inside Antman is asking Jordan to sit down and have dinner with him. Jordan feels that he is the luckiest guy in the world right now.

Antman is planning to hire Jordan for only one reason, he wants to bang his asshole every day at the office but Jordan is quite fine with this, in fact he loves to bottom for hot old daddies and on this evening he gets on his all fours for Antman after he sucks his big cock. Antman fucks his asshole really hard and after they are done, Antman is expecting Jordan to the office earlier so they can pick up where they left. Have fun watching this new hot older male scene and make sure to come back for more hardcore gay porn! Check out blog and enjoy watching other horny guys fucking each others tight asses.


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Hot Older Male – Clint Taylor and T-Rexxx

In our hot older male videos you are going to watch lots of horny daddies in action, and this time we are bringing back two of the hottest males, Clint Taylor and T-Rexxx. They have shoot many scenes together so we asked them to do this next scene because the fans were asking for new materials featuring these two hot daddies. Tkey love to suck and fuck each other for the cam, and Clint was quite excited to meet T-Rexxx again, not to mention that he loves getting his bottom stuffed by T’s hard big cock.

Clint takes off his pants and shirt, and gets on his knees to take T’s big cock in him mouth, and after sliding his lips up and down that cock, T is ready to slide his dick in Clint’s ass and give him a hardcore anal pounding. Watch this hardcore scene and see how Clint gets his tight hole filled with creamy cum and shoots his big load while T is hammering his asshole really hard. If you liked this update check out blog and enjoy watching other hot straight guys getting fucked!


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