Daddy Hans Berlin

This week’s new and hot older male gets to go to a more private setting as we get to watch two business partners getting to do the nasty in the office with each other and taking their time to enjoy it too. Let’s get to see some hot muscled hunks taking a nice break for a change and you can see playing nasty with each other on camera as well. Either way it makes for a great and sensual hotoldermale show that you just have to see, so let’s get right to it and watch as the two guys get around to entertain each other’s big dicks for the afternoon with those mouths and each other’s asses too. All you need to do is take your time to check it out without delay!

As we said, the whole hot older male thing takes place in their office. It seems that today was pretty relaxed and they didn’t really get to have that much work to do either. So they decide to lock the door and get to do something that they regularly do when no one’s around to catch them in the act too. That is of course, getting to gobble up each other’s cocks with those mouths and asses and you can see them do that plenty. The start of it of course involves oral, and then we get to see the good part when the fuck one another in the ass right there on the desk. Enjoy the view of this one and see you guys soon with more new content!

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