Older Male David Teal

Hi there guys and gals. Welcome to another new and hot hot older male scene once more. Last week you got to see a older stud impart his knowledge on a stud and this is pretty much what goes down in this scene as well. So let’s sit back and check out another couple of hot and horny gay studs having their fun on camera too. The bears here do everything right and the new guy sure gets to learn a lot too. Let’s get on with the whole thing and see David Teal showing off everything he knows to the new guy for their hotoldermale scene together here. We can assure you that this is definitely a scene that you don’t want to miss out on by any chance!

The cameras start and you can see the guys together in David’s room as they are just starting to kick things off. Watch closely and you can even see some sensual and kinky undressing as well as the guys prepare for the next bit. Then David has the new guy go down on him as he gets him on his knees and you can see him reveling in the pleasure of having that fat cock sucked and deep throated by the stud’s gentle lips. You can be sure that this continued for a nice and long time with them and we sure do hope that David’s going to be up for training more new guys in the future too. Meanwhile we’ll see you next week once again with new content!

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