Jordan Garrison and Antman

Jordan is looking for a new job after he got fired. Antman owns a business and after hearing that his hot neighbor is looking for work he calls him up offering him a job in his company. Jordan can’t wait to go to Antman’s office the next morning. In the evening Antman calls him again asking him to meet up and discuss the details. Jordan gets to Antman’s house and when he gets inside Antman is asking Jordan to sit down and have dinner with him. Jordan feels that he is the luckiest guy in the world right now.

Antman is planning to hire Jordan for only one reason, he wants to bang his asshole every day at the office but Jordan is quite fine with this, in fact he loves to bottom for hot old daddies and on this evening he gets on his all fours for Antman after he sucks his big cock. Antman fucks his asshole really hard and after they are done, Antman is expecting Jordan to the office earlier so they can pick up where they left. Have fun watching this new hot older male scene and make sure to come back for more hardcore gay porn! Check out blog and enjoy watching other horny guys fucking each others tight asses.


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