Hot Older Male – Jake Shores and Christian Matthews

Jake and Christian are always ready to shoot a hardcore hot older male scene because they Christian loves having Jake’s hard big cock up into his asshole. They are back together in this scene, now that Christian is back from a long trip and Jake can’t wait to get him naked. They starts kissing and undressing each other, Then Christian starts playing with Jake’s nipples because this makes Jake to get really hard.

Next in this hotoldermale scene, Jake starts licking and fingering Christian’s asshole, using his tongue to make the hot guy really wet and ready for his big cock. After he shoves his cock in Christian’s tight ass, he starts sliding it in and out faster ad deeper making Christian to shoot his load of cum. Daddy Jake is also close to cum, and he fills up Christian’s ass with hot man juice! Have fun watching this update guys, and check out our previous videos too, because you are going to love what you see. Lots of horny daddies are waiting for you so make sure to come back!


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Daddy Tim Kelly and Matthew Rush

Hello goys and welcome back to our site hot older male. We present you one of he hottest Brief Encounters scene, featuring Tim Kelly and Matthew Rush. The Brief Encounters series are all about hot men in underwear, featuring guys who get each other hard and horny in their briefs, then they get out of them for some hardcore ass pounding action.

When daddy Tim Kelly enters in the locker room, he finds muscular Matthew having a huge boner in his briefs. Tim smiles at him while Matthew takes off his underwear exposing his bug hard cock. Daddy Tim is ready to get on his knees and play with that rock hard cock, taking it into his mouth to suck it dry. Then Matthey wants to feel Tim’s cock up his ass, so Tim sits down and Matthew starts riding him until his blow his load. At the end, Tim shoots his load of cum on Matthews face. Now if you like watching horny daddies fucking hot studs, better go to and check out cute guys meeting and fucking their first daddy. Check out the tabloid men site if you wanna see other hot men getting naked!


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Hot Older Male Ass Fuck

We have more hot older male pounding each other’s ass for you guys. These two were in the mood for some alone time. They are sharing the same place and from time to time they like to hammer their asses. They just found about each other a few days ago when one of them caught the other one looking at gay porn magazines. The ripped jocks were kind of private with their lives until that point. They didn’t saw the point of talking about these kind of things with some stranger.

The ripped jocks spent all day at work and once they got home they spend time in their rooms expect when it was game night. That’s what happened here as well, he went to invite his room mate in the living room but instead he caught him jerking off his cock. He gave him a hand and a head and things escalated quickly and they got to fuck each other. This is it for now but see more hotoldermale scenes next time. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the tabloid men site and see some nude male celebrities stripping in front of the camera!

Hot Older Male Under the Tuscan

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Straight into his mouth

You are about to see a really naughty hot older male video update guys and you will totally love watching it. Have a look at these two horny guys and see how they are going to please each other and play with their naughty bodies. The elder guy is super horny and now that he hooked up with this younger guy he is more than thrilled to start enjoying that fresh and hard cock. Get ready to see how these two are about to play and tease each other and get ready to see this experienced guy taking that monster tool right into his palms.

Check out how he is getting there, between those legs, grabbing that fantastic tool and jerking it off with passion. You will see him going up and down with his tongue, insisting on the top of it with his lips. He is also going to end up with a huge cum load spread into his mouth, of course, so see him swallowing the whole warm load.

hot older male sucking a fresh cock

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Hot Older Male Alessio and Ben

Another fresh week and like always, you guessed it, a new hot older male scene for you all dudes and dudettes to check out. Today we get to see the hot pair of Alessio and Ben playing naughty in the shed and taking their time to have fun with each other while at it. And as you can clearly see, the two guys enjoyed it a lot. They were suppose to be cleaning the said shed but it seems that they had better things to do than do some hard work today. Actually they did the said hard work, only that it was on each other’s nice and round asses. Well let’s get to see the hotoldermale pair fucking hard today without any more delays shall we everyone?


Like we mentioned, the two were suppose to be cleaning the place up. But seeing as the two muscled hunks were scantly clothed they started to get horny. And well, the cleaning up could wait. For now, they just had to fuck without anymore waiting. And Alessio gets to be on the receiving end for this one. Sit back and watch him suck that cock to get it hard and afterwards, he gets to spread his legs wide open for big Ben as the latter gets to slide that fat cock in his horny ass missionary style. So take your time with it and check out some of the past scenes as well for even more delicious and sexy gay fucks scenes with some old hot guys!

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Hot Older Guys

Hi there guys and gals and as usual welcome back to some all new and all fresh hot older male scenes here. This week we bring you just a straight up gay fucking scene that has nothing else but pure and raw passion with the pair of hot and horny hunks here. So let’s get around to check them out in some sexy action while they get to get down and dirty for your viewing pleasure today. We promise that once you see this pair of hotoldermale guys getting down to it you won’t get enough with just this one scene. Well either way, let’s sit back and relax as you get to see the whole thing go down on your screens for your enjoyment!

As soon as it begins, you get to see the two only with their underwear on and beginning their little fun session. See them taking their time to suck each other’s cocks to make each other rock hard and ready for the next bit. And naturally that involves a ton of ass fucking. It’s just the best thing to check out if you wanted to see some gay hot guys fucking each other hard and their scene aims to quench that thirst today. You get to see them doing it all over the place too and when it ends it ends with them blowing each other’s loads all over one another and they end up drenched in sticky jizz. Great scene with great studs that we hope to see again soon!


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Hot Older Male – Allen and Ale

Hey hey hey! We have some all new and superb hot older male scenes for you and it’s a good time for you to drop by to check it out today. Again it’s the classy old dude wanting to try out this guy and see what he’s while he takes it in the ass from him and their names are Allen and Ale. With Allen being the white haired old guy and Ale the young stud. Allen has a thing for picking up guys at the local profile bar and this evening he stumbled upon Ale, a pretty confident stud that was more than happy to go back to Allen’s place and show off his sexual prowess to the hotoldermale today. So let’s watch them play together tonight!


Allen and Ale wate little time as soon as they get through the door and they make quick work of those clothes that theyw ere both wearing. They get straight to business after that as Allen begins his little test and he does so with his juicy lips to see how well the guy handles oral. So watch Allen sucking on Ale’s hard cock and you can see him almost making him blow once or twice. But he held on and as a reward he got to sink that hard cock in Allen’s ass now for being so good. Enjoy the rest of their amazing fuck scene today and as always make sure to drop by again next week for a brand new scene with more hot older guys having steamy gay sex!

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All Play

Welcome back and as always welcome to some more hot older male action as well. You know how you usually see these older men with lots of 20+ studs? Well this time we decided to switch it up a bit and show you that these old coots are still great at playing with one another as well. Let’s sit back and enjoy the scene with this pair that gets to play dirty all afternoon long for your viewing pleasure and the camera. And you do need to check this one out with the two hotoldermale studs playing as they have lots of experience having gay sex and you get to see some pretty unique things done in their scene today. Well let’s get started!

As the show begins, you can see that they were going to play in their very comfy bed in the bedroom. Rest assured that the action moves to other places around the room, but the bed is the main tool used. Now that doesn’t mean that its bad. Anyway, check them out starting their scene all naked and you can see the bald guy getting to be on the receiving end today. And so, he gets to suck on his buddy’s cock with a passion to make sure he has that fat cock all ready for his ass. Then see him getting on top and riding his dick hard style throughout this whole scene. We know you’ll love it and as usual there will be more in store next week!


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Hot Older Male – Beefcake Daddies

Another fresh week and time to see some more new hot older male scenes here just like always. You know we always take care to bring you the best ones and the hottest old studs and younger ones that get to party hard. And every week so far has had a sizzling hot fuck fest with two guys showing off their skills in bed. This scene here isn’t an exception either as you get to check out some more hot action scenes with them fucking one another just for you to see. Well, we know you are eager to check out more new and sizzling hotoldermale action today so let’s just get this scene going and rolling as well to see the two new studs fucking.


The younger guy in this one is not that young rest assured, but still younger than the guy with white grizzled hair. So as they get to start of their encounter in the living room, see them undressing and taking off each other’s pants for the best part of the show to begin, which involves of course some passionate oral from both parties. So see the younger guy blowing that cock expertly to get it rock solid and then once that foreplay is over, you can check them going at it on the bed, with some tight asses getting penetrated balls deep today. Get excited for next week’s scene as well as there will be even more hot updates to check out! Bye bye!

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Big Dick Daddy

This week’s hot older male scene is another one of those that you just have to see. You’ll have the pleasure of checking out a old guy with a massive cock that gets some action with this fresh stud half his age today and they seem to have a lot of fun together today. It’s one of those gay fuck scenes where the two go all out for their fun and you will regret not checking it out. Be sure that when the other guy saw the size of that meat pole he just had to get it for himself too this fine day and take it in his tight eager ass too. Well let’s get to watch this hotoldermale in some ass fucking and cock sucking action this afternoon without any delay!

As soon as the scene begins you can see that the guys were all naked and ready to go. And as the older guy stands up straight with his erect cock all ready for action you get to check out the other guy getting to suck it with a passion. See that stud putting his juicy lips to work to lube it and make sure it’s rock hard for the next part and his ass like we mentioned earlier. Then he bends over for this old dude and you can see that guy moan in pleasure with the cock ramming his tight and horny ass balls deep throughout the whole scene. We’ll be sure to bring you even more delicious scenes next week too so stay tuned to see those as well!


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