Hot Older Male – Folsom Daddies

Another fresh week and time to check out a new hot older male scene just as always. This time we bring you a pair of daddies that seemed to have gotten busy with one another in the storage room and they got to have some pretty sweet fun with each other in there this afternoon too. Well as you know, we strive to bring you only the best of the best and as you know this site has quickly become the number one go to source for some nice and nasty gay fucking sessions every week. Let’s get to see this one unfold as well and you can see this pair of horny daddies as they get around to bend over and take each other’s asses for a good dickig in this hotoldermale scene!


Well anyway, back to our little fun action scene with the two hot older male, the guys got busy with each other as they got to be all alone there and they admitted to each other that they were very horny and would fancy a shag. Well seems that with that they both agreed to play with each other too. See those pants dropping down, see some nice and big cocks sucked and then watch the guys taking polite turns to get to fuck one another anally with those big and thick cocks today. We’ll see you again soon, but we’re sure that you will just adore this one here today. And do check out the past updates as well for even more nasty and naughty gay scenes! Also you can enter the site and see other hot gay men sucking cocks!

Check out these older males blowing one another!

Peter Fulton and Jon Piston

Hey there guys and gals, there’s all new action to be seen here at hot older male and you get to watch some pretty sweet and sexy guys by the name Peter Fulton and Jon Piston as they get to have the afternoon and this big bed all to themselves to fuck hard style. The two guys are both older men and if all the rest around here are anything to go by, you know that you’ll be in for a great show with them. Anyway, let’s see this hotoldermale scene begin and watch as the two bears get to have their sexual fun with one another sucking each other’s dicks and fucking in the ass today. We bet that you guys are eager to get to see it go down without delay here so let’s just get right to it without delay!

Like we said, that bed was enticing them both to get to play and first order of business for both of them is to show off their simply amazing and hot bodies to you and the hotoldermale cameras too. We’ll get to enjoy the sight of the two daddies putting on a strip show as they get nude and once they get in bed you can see them get properly nasty with each other. See them taking turns to suck each other’s mighty fine cocks and then making ready to get to the anal fun afterwards. Either way, this is one glorious scene that you should not skip over and we bet you’ll adore it. See you next week with another new and kinky gay session! Also you might visit the site if you wanna see other hot gay guys fucking and sucking cocks!


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Hot Older Male – Real Couple

It’s time for another hot older male update to grace your screens and like the title implies, this week you can see a real couple getting wild with one another for the gallery. And since lately we’ve seen some of the studs get to play naughty outdoors, we had these two getting to play with one another by the poolside as well. So let’s get right down to business. This scene is all about these two hotoldermale studs as they get to be as nasty as they want in the back yard and no one can stop them from getting to fuck each other hard and passionately as well. Let’s just get the show on the road and see them in some pretty steamy gay action today!


You get to see them getting to do that nice and kinky cock sucking first and foremost as they want to get each other ready for the next bit. And to boot you get to see them get all wet too, but anyway. That first part of the scene with the oral action is quite impressive and it gets even better when the two studs want to get into one another’s asses. See them fucking both in and out of the pool and using all the area around to get nasty today. They had tons of fuck with the sex and we bet that you will as well while you watch them getting nasty this afternoon. We’ll be seeing you soon enough with more all new and all fresh scenes!

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Male Down To Business

It’s time to get to see some hot older male action once more this week and we want to welcome you back to the show. You will recall these two getting to play in the past, but we get to see them making an encore for this one as they get to play some more for you and the cameras this afternoon too. And pretty much just like last time, you get to see them playing outdoors and getting do do some sweet and kinky fucking too. The sun was shining bright just like last time we saw them getting nasty and they were getting into the swing of things quite fast today. Anyway, the hotoldermale show has to start so let’s get to see the action!

As the cameras begin to roll, the two get really into the swing of things and as the other stud removes more and more of his clothes and whips out his dick, you can check him out sucking his friend’s cock with a passion to get that older guy rock hard. He intends to be the one to take it up the ass this afternoon and you just have to sit back and check it out without delay everyone. The oral gets done and by now both of them are all nude and ready to get to play with each other too. Watch the action go down and see them having hard style fun with the whole thing. We’ll be back yet again next week with another naughty show for you all to see and check out too.


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Hot Older Male – City Of Men

Another fresh week and time for us to show you a new and kinky little hot older male scene with another pair of hunks that get to play. Brian makes another appearance in this one as he gets to have another greenhorn on his hands that he needs to teach and he is going to be doing one mighty fine job of breaking him in too. Anyway, let’s get to see this older guy with lots of experience as he gets to show off to the younger stud how to fuck properly and how to do it on camera as well. With that being said, let’s get this hotoldermale scene started and watch the two engage in some pretty neat and juicy hard style fuck sessions here this afternoon!


Well, once the show gets going, you can see the two stopping o take a seat on the retro and vintage leather couch that just makes this whole thing even naughtier we feel. And once on it, the two get busy with Brian sitting on his back and letting the new guy get busy with his juicy lips first to suck that cock of his. And once it’s standing at attention, you can see the new guy getting to take his place on top of the dick and sliding it nice and deep into his ass. Watch him moan in pleasure while he gets that hard and balls deep anal action this afternoon and enjoy the view of it all. We’ll be back again soon enough like always with new content for you!

Check out these older males blowing one another!

Hot Older Male – Daddy Hans Berlin

This week’s new and hot older male gets to go to a more private setting as we get to watch two business partners getting to do the nasty in the office with each other and taking their time to enjoy it too. Let’s get to see some hot muscled hunks taking a nice break for a change and you can see playing nasty with each other on camera as well. Either way it makes for a great and sensual hotoldermale show that you just have to see, so let’s get right to it and watch as the two guys get around to entertain each other’s big dicks for the afternoon with those mouths and each other’s asses too. All you need to do is take your time to check it out without delay!

As we said, the whole hot older male thing takes place in their office. It seems that today was pretty relaxed and they didn’t really get to have that much work to do either. So they decide to lock the door and get to do something that they regularly do when no one’s around to catch them in the act too. That is of course, getting to gobble up each other’s cocks with those mouths and asses and you can see them do that plenty. The start of it of course involves oral, and then we get to see the good part when the fuck one another in the ass right there on the desk. Enjoy the view of this one and see you guys soon with more new content!


Enjoy watching these males pleasing one another!

Brian DaVilla Breeds George Glass

Today’s hot older male scene is definitely one to impress you all as the two hot guys ended up having a grand ol’ time with each other fucking hard for the cameras, and you. Their names are Brian DaVilla and George Glass, with Brian being the older guy. He gets to be the one on top too and give the hot stud a good anal fucking that he will not forget to soon either. This scene has the old man showing off to the fresh guy how a nice and rough anal dicking feels like and you can bet that the younger dude George was more than happy to let him do it too. Let’s watch him loving the action that he gets to take part in in this gloriously hot and sexy hotoldermale scene!


Anyway as we get started you can see that the two aim to play in the bedroom and first order of business for the older guy is to get to play with and tease this hot stud. As he bends him over on the bed you can see him milking his dick with an expertly done hand job and George moans in pleasure too. Well he is about to moan even louder and you will see that as soon as Brian goes nice and deep in his ass with that thick cock. Watch him fuck George doggie style for the rest of the scene and then see him shoot a load all over that sexy round ass too. It makes for a great and juicy gallery to say the least and we bet that you will adore it!

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Poolside Penetrator

Hey there again everyone. Welcome to another hot older male scene with more hot studs getting down and dirty with each other and some more juicy and steamy gay scenes. For this one we take to the outdoors somewhat as the two guys that we get to see playing naughty are taking their time to do so under the warm sun and by the pool in the back yard. And you know, it would have been a shame to waste such a nice occasion and not take their time to play naughty with each other as they got to have outdoor sex today. Anyway, let’s get the hot older male show going and watch this simply glorious and hot scene unfold today!

As the show begins, you can see the guy with the mustache taking his time to relax in the sun for the afternoon and getting wet every now and then to cool off. Well it seems that he likes to sunbathe in the nude as well and as his fuck buddy decided to drop by and say hi, he definitely got turned on by the view of his buddy skinny dipping too. As the guy relaxes he gets to feel those familiar lips working his cock and as he opens his eyes, his buddy is busy sucking his cock. We’ll leave it up to you to discover whatever else these two ended up doing in their scene here today and we’ll be back again next week with another new gallery for you to see. So enjoy and we’ll see you all then!


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Big Dick Daddy Club

Hey there guys. Hot older male here with more all new galleries for you and another juicy scene. In this one you get to see no less than three horny daddies as they play with one another and we can assure you that their scene is one that you just cannot miss for the world. They get to be as naughty as they want in this one and you can pretty much take a guess and come to the conclusion that they were going to get really naughty with each other. Let’s start up those hotoldermale cameras and let’s watch another juicy and impressively hot gay fuck scene with this juicy threesome. We bet that you are all curious to see it all go down as well without delay in this one too.


Ever since the cameras start rolling, the trio gets busy with one another and you can definitely see some passionate kissing and caressing getting done with each other. They wanted to get to play kinky and they wanted to make sure that you get to see it as well. Well with that being said, let’s get right down to business after their little foreplay and cock sucking session and you can see them properly taking their time to fuck each other in the ass as they moan in pleasure. It’s one wonderful and truly incredibly hot gallery that you simply must see and we’ll be definitely back soon with another new and juicy gallery for you to see!

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Daddy Needs Some Big Black Dick

You are all welcome to check out the new hot older male scene that we have for you to see and check out today and we know that you will find it quite enticing too. The hot older stud in this scene can be seen partying with a nice and hot black stud as he wanted to have some chocolate cock, much like the title suggests in this neat little gallery. So let’s sit back and watch closely as this older daddy gets to do some mighty nice work on that big black cock today. So sit back and relax with this hotoldermale scene as you get to see some pretty sweet interracial lovin’ with the two getting done. We can promise there’s quite the naughty fuck scene to check out as well!

As soon as the scene gets going, our two hot older male seem all ready to party hard and they want you to know it too. Check them out as they get around to suck one another off, but the whole thing is especially amazing when you get to see the older guy getting to suck that cock of the black stud. He makes sure that the meat is prepared as he wants it as hard as it can get for his sweet ass later. For similar videos and pics, check out the site and see other horny gay men sucking cockcs and eating cum! And once that’s complete you can take the time to check out how the guy gets to ride it too. Anyway, it’s a superb little gallery featuring both and we’ll leave you to it to enjoy the view. We’ll be back again once again soon enough with another lovely update and more shows!


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